Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – House Robes x Denim


Happy new month guys. I am thankful for life and being able to be here today to put this post together. We are right in the middle of the first quarter of the year, not everyone was lucky enough to be here today, so let’s always remember to be Grateful.

Sitting here listening to ‘Lana Del Ray – Summertime Sadness’ right now, my playlists are so odd, like I can switch from trap music to baroque pop in a second and it would leave you wondering. Who else is like that? Or am I alone there in doing that?

Robe 5

So this week, I stole my mothers over 30 year old robe and how do I know how old it is? She never fails to remind me how long she has had a particular thing especially when I want to steal it. This time it was the robe, she told me how she bought two of it for some ridiculous amount before I was born and how she still has it after this long bla bla .

Robe 2

Robe 7 (1)

To be honest it wasn’t even planned for a shoot, I literally just saw it hanging while doing something else and the rest is history. I love the print, I honestly feel the pictures don’t do it justice, as much as I love the robe its definitely not something I can wear at all at least not in this heat blazing country, but it was perfect just for the shoot, maybe sometime soon I would throw on the color and do justice to it as well.

Robe 3

Robe 9

Decided to go very simple under the robe and so just wore a pair of blue jeans and a black sleeveless lacey top as it is too hot to wear anything else. Also I felt it was just perfect for it, less is always more remember?

Robe 1

Definitely nude pumps cause they are my go to stilettos they go with everything .

Robe 6

Robe 8

Have an amazing week guys see you next week, by Gods Grace. Xx




Details ~

Denim ~ Zara

Robe ~Harrods

Shoes ~ Christianlouboutin

Hair ~ Hikkyshair








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