Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – Purple


Purple, they say, is the color of royalty and is also associated with mystery which I would like to think I have a bit of. It’s funny how my styles evolves by the day; actually it’s interesting that it gives me a sense of growth.

Who else is loving the Lagos @ 50 vibe going on around Lagos? I am definitely here for it all: the events, the monuments around town, every single thing they got going on. I’ve attended a few of the events because, not to state the obvious, I AM A LAGOSIAN and a proud one at that.

Anyways, I digress. This outfit has me feeling very playful and cute with the full top and skirt.

The top is actually from a set; it originally comes with three quarter length pants but i decided to mix and pair it with a different shade of purple and then of course I had to wear my favourite go to 120mms in purple as well. This isn’t a typical Derin look but ‘try new things and take risks’ they said.


Have an amazing weekend guys. Xxx


Outfit Details ~

Top ~ @ayabawoman

Skirt ~ @theluxeshopper

Shoes ~ @christianlouboutin

Hair ~ @Hikkyshair




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