Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – Wrapped up in print


How is it going everyone? Guessing we are all in long weekend mode right about now.. I cant wait to have my feet up, watching tv and really just doing the most this weekend, seeing as i dont really have any concrete plans for sallah, but i am open to invites cause i definitely want some ‘Ram meat’..

Finally got the braids done, it ached me for over a week, actually it still kind of hurts right now and i am not even joking, then i fell ill and i am almost certain the braids had something to do with that happening, no one can tell me different.

Feel so much better now and ready for weekend all dressed in print, dont think i have ever owned or worn a wrap top but i remember owning a wrap dress which is still hanging in my closet but here i am wearing this gorgeous ankara print wrap today.

Wearing it with this wool skirt i got on asos ages ago, if you look closely there is a barely there pattern on the top that is the same color of the skirt..

Do you like the look? Let me know…


Outfit Details ~

Top – @toginafashion

Skirt – @asos

Shoes – @viviennewestwood


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