Another weekend is upon us! Always thankful to be alive and healthy; crazy how much stuff we take for granted especially good health. On to the post – we all know that when it comes to weddings, it’s Eko for show and it’s all about the glam that goes into in getting ready (especially for us ladies); you know how we take these things seriously because to be honest presentation is life!

I decided to do a wedding guest inspiration outfit, rocking something I would definitely wear to a wedding. This outfit is so lush, from the pleats on the fabric, to the ruffles, the details, in fact, everything. It is just so yummy and perfect for a wedding. As for the theme music, who else is loving Future, Mask Off? That’s my jam of the moment, slowly inching out Unforgettable by French Montana.

You know how they say go big or go home? Well, yeah, so decided to do the most with the matchy matchy and go all out with gold because why not?! I was having a bad hair day so please ignore my hair (I am not my hair).

As much as I love this outfit, I’ve never worn it. I’ve brought it out of my closet to wear recently and realized the fabric was peeling! I am guessing it’s from the heat and from not wearing it and just leaving it untouched. I was so burnt, ugh, so after this moment in the limelight it’s probably just going to keep hanging in my closet and I’ll look at it till I decide to let go of it. *sad face*

Would you have styled it differently? I actually wish my hair was in a bun or ponytail, I think that would have been perfect but it’s not surprising I didn’t go that way considering that I’ve never had either of those styles done. As we all know, I am not very experimental with my hair!


Outfit Details ~

Dress ~ Tife

Shoes ~ Manolo Blahnik

Purse ~ Zashadu



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