Diary Of An Isale Eko Girl – Androgynous Work Look


Think we complained too much about the rain so God decided to Bless us with too much sun right now. What did you guys think about my last post? Got a lot of ‘oh wow you are wearing shorts, we can see your legs’ comments, LOL. It’s good to know that people pay attention and notice a few things about my style.

So today I’m doing something different, I was thinking about how i have never done like a work look style post, so I am sharing the outfit I wore to work yesterday with you guys.

I think when it comes to work days I tend to dress ‘Androgynous’ and I love it.. It is not easy to pull off wearing menswear but I think because I am also petite it makes it easier.

It was my brothers birthday yesterday and as assistant birthday girl I wanted to look cute lol (jokes) actually I was having an event with one of my clients so decided on this look, thereby killing two birds with one stone, looking good for my baby brother (even though I didn’t see him yesterday) and looking the part for work.

If you follow me on social media you would have noticed that most of my pants and shirts looks are from (ninieofficial), after making my first set and the fit was perfect I just stuck to them but it’s funny how the brand is actually a menswear brand but I was able to twist their hands to design just for me.

What do you guys think about the look?   I love the color and especially the details, how the buttons from the shirt align and fall into place with the button on the pants, a few people actually thought I was wearing a jumpsuit but no its not a jumpsuit.

Have an amazing weekend guys..xx

Outfit Details ~

Pants / Shirt – @ninieofficial

Shoes – @viviennewestwood