Drake Is Definitely a Man of Hidden Talents in November’s Hollywood Reporter


Aubray Drake Graham is the latest cover star of the Hollywood reporter and the accompanied interview makes quite an awesome read.

As is usual when it comes to Drake, the interview was a deep and intense one, touching all surfaces and digging into matters that most would leave unsaid. He talks about everything from his teen acting years, growing up, his love for his hometown (if you even know the least thing about Drake then this should be no surprise), and finally his latest move of delving into the movie business as a producer following the lead of hip-hop stars like Jay Z and 50 Cent.

In the issue he poses as a movie producer in the chicest black suit you’ve ever seen and going on reports on his knack as a savvy business man and brand builder, it seems like he would be a very successful one, and Fiiiine as he** too.

Plus he apparently has a stock of Hermes Birkin wonders to offer to one lucky lady, can you just imagine that, unusual but super cool which is all Drake has ever been about.

View Images from the magazine below;



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