Before All The Drama – 100 Years Of Wedding Cakes


Another wedding Saturday is upon us! Time to put finishing touches to everything ahead of the day; make sure your aso-ebi is perfect for the numerous wedding guest Instagram pages, book an appointment with your make-up artist and of course, clear up your stomach ahead of the small chops, party jollof rice and wedding cake!

While you are at that, let’s show you how much wedding cake trends have changed over the past 100 years. Cake Coquette‘s Gabrielle Feuersinger created all of the throwback treats.

In 1916, wedding cakes were simple and single tiered with flowers placed on top.

In 1936, trends like layering, bride and groom toppers and detailing were the order of the day.

With 1946 came military-themed toppers which might not have been completely related to World War which ended just the year before. Frosting was also a thing then.

Cake trends remained recycled from the 40s to the 80s when coloured icing, frilly toppers and even stair cases became a thing.


The 00s came with cheeky toppers and cupcakes were birthed too.

In 2016, wedding cakes are more art-inspired than anything else. Bold colours are also a thing these days.

Watch the full 2-minute video courtesy of mode below:

Which decade’s wedding cake trends are your style? Mine is definitely 1916’s!



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  1. My wedding cake no dey here o! My caterer messed up. Baked stone with the worst decoration ever! You can even do power lifting with the cake. I dropped one layer on purpose on the floor and the cake said to me, “I dey kampe! “


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