‘Drenim’- The Recycled Combo That Puts Your Staples to Stylish Use


I always love and welcome new trends but what I love more is a reincarnation which comes in unexpected ways and is all the more chic for being so.

The reason I fell pretty deep for this trend is because of its ability to put the clothes that have taken a long closet rest to good and fashionable use. Think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag!

The unexpected staple combo is the merger of a dress and jeans. Yaass!! You read right! Back and fab the “Drenim” combo as of right now is the chic-est of all!
We all know what that denim never goes out of style and a girl has to have a dress or two handy, so the economical feature of this trend is super evident. A girl just has to follow a few cool rules to be prudent chic.

One of the features of being chic and fab is that it has to come naturally but we can all attest to the fact that raw talent needs a certain amount of training to attain to the level of desired expertise. Hold tight ladies because it’s about to get interesting!

To be able to achieve this look, one has to ditch the tight dresses and flare pants as they do not count. This look is supposed to be feminine, sultry and flirty. All of those can’t be achieved with flare pants because it makes the outfit look bulky and the tight dresses won’t work because we can all see the nasty vision already.

Skinny jeans and flare dresses are the most important elements of the trend and as long as that is the top guide, one is sure to make a fine ass decision. Be free, play with cuts, colors, ruffles, fabric, silhouettes and you’d be glad you did! Honestly, I’m so happy about fashion right now.


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