Dresses and Roses


Flowers are very beautiful, wonderful things… and the Roses, are probably the most popular and significant of them all. You see it and think love, or, a couple. And quite recently… you could actually identify it with a dress, cap, or T-shirt and many other fashion pieces.

Perhaps, Dolce and Gabbana’s 2015 fall collection, which had a lot of rose print designs, provided legit inspiration… but, “2017” brought in a certain obsession with rose motifs or designs on fashionable pieces, and now modern every day wear labels like top shop, Tallulah Fontaine, Mary Jane Nite, Herschel all have roses on their pieces.

After a little digging in history’s archives, I discovered that some persons are of the opinion, that this recent move with the adaptation of roses, is some sort of revolution. Somewhat like that of the soviet union,  taking something universal, anonymous and unincorporated like the rose, and placing it as a label on pieces and blah, blah… But I like the simpler version coined by yours truly (me), that it’s always easier and better to draw inspiration especially for women’s wear, from things or items such as the rose that are associated with love (LOL! I know, I’m a hopeless romantic).         Now you really can’t go through a store or boutique without seeing several nice dresses, shirts or accessories with the rose imprint, of top designers like;Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander Mcqueen, Marchesa, Naeem Khan and even quite a few Nigerian designers have drawn inspiration from the rose.

Even our Igbo, Aba brothers aren’t left out, as most of their copies or forgeries have the same motifs (they didn’t come to play y’all). Vogue these days feature most new, modern, and upcoming designers with floral designs. And it seems to be an absolute favorite of the original “Iya Ibeji” herself, “Queen B” (Beyoncé, if you don’t already know) and perhaps ours too.

I’ve always loved floral numbers and these rose pieces aren’t an exception. And if our Aba brothers can draw inspo from these pieces then so can you B!

P.S Why do you think the rose motif label and designs are popping up right now, I’m still sticking with my version though *wink*?


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