Earth-Toned Makeup, Simply Flawless



We all know how tiring makeup could be in a bid to look flawless, from trying to draw a perfect brow, to our contour, then comes the blend of colours and on and on. Most times we really don’t want to stress so much with these things, but then again, we just have to look good, not just for ourselves but for our selfie moments, and our silent crushes around…(yeah that’s right). This make up style is all about using way less colours (saving you the headache of the perfect blend), which deals with using dominant brown shade colours. Earth-toned makeup consists of thick dark lashes, perfectly arched eyebrows and of course a brown/nude lipstick.

When we say earth tone think dark brown and neutral/nude colours. Majorly almost all the colours that could make up the brown colour family, and works perfectly for all occasions. it’s not loud and uses minimal colours. Natural toned makeup speaks beauty in simplicity. Little wonder Beyoncé frequents this look!beyonceEarth-TonedEarth-TonedbeyonceEarth-Tonedbeyonce Earth-Toned




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