Elie Saab Fall 18 – A Trip To Bridal Queendom


After I watched the last episode of Gossip Girl’s final season, I decided there and then that It had to be Elie Saab or nothing for my Big day (If God wills it, please will it Lord!). I remember the different shades of sea blue dress that Blair Waldorf got married to Chuck in, despite the whole overload of renegade romance between them, there was still something missing for me (perhaps its the Naija babe in me sticking to the ring on the finger or nothing routine), but I definitely felt it at the wedding and that dress, Oh my, completed the works for me.

Pardon my absolute enchantment with Elie (yeah, once your designs get me excited, we’re on first name basis), but you might get it when you’ve gone through his collection of 13 dresses for fall 2018.

For this one, Elie stuck to his signature elaborate lace and embroidery routine and it works, why fix what isn’t broken right? The dresses which revisits ancient silhouettes but with a modern twist are fit for royalty, from the intricately embellished dresses, to veils, and metallic threads for subtle shimmer, which achieves a result that is feminine yet strong which is what royalty is made of.

This was shown especially in two dresses that spew regal, with the Arabist motif woven into the shimmery embroidery and the veils which leave no doubt of the royalty statuesque. The dresses which also had other floral embroideries which hint at a bit more of feminism than blue blood still radiate a certain regal feel, even the ballet tea-length dress in lace, chiffon, organza, and tulle, that should seem demure had a quiet splendor to it.

This collection by Elie Saab is definitely one that has me thinking of princesses and all things royalty, which isn’t so far from the truth when you think of Kate Middleton’s dress.



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