Emelia Clarke and Kit Harrington in new campaign for Dolce and Gabbana and it’s got fans bristling!


Emelia Clarke a.k.a Khaleesi Daenerys, and Kit Harrington a.k.a Jon Snow of ‘Game of thrones’ fame, are the stars of the new Dolce and Gabbana campaign  for ‘The One’ fragrance and the bristle it caused amongst GOT fans is just adorable.

While Kit recorded ‘The one for men’, Emilia recorded ‘The one Eau de toilette’. In the Ad which is very cheery and fun, they emerge and greet locals in a community of various fan mixes.

The GAG however, is that fans are disappointed there wasn’t a recording of them together and perhaps one that’s less cheery and more steamy  (like that scene, you know which one). After the videos got on You tube thousands of comments came from fans saying they wanted an Ad with Kit and Amelia together.

Who knows, Dolce and Gabbana might just grant their wish. But in the meantime fans can make do with the friendship they share across their timeline (why isn’t Kit on Instagram though?) I can just picture a perfect romantic scene for the AD, we already know they have *coughs* loads of chemistry.

Remember when he told People Magazine in July;

” I was sorta bowled over by this absolutely stunning petite girl with a wicked sense of humor”

Dolce and Gabbana should understand by now that when Jesus says yes nobody can say no, they shouldn’t spoil God’s plan and just please, give us what we want, its not asking much I believe.




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