Everyone’s Favourite: Asahd Khaled


Never before has the birth of a child been so viewed and receiving as that of Asahd. Born to proud celebrity parents “Dj Khaled and Nicole Tuck”, he has since become everyone’s favourite son. More popular for his beautiful eyes, memes and celebrity sightings, at just 8 months of age, boasts a wardrobe collection which beats hands down those of a couple of grown men. Surprising yeah?major key alert

Asahd has a net worth of about $20,000,000, and also a couple of collaborations/executive co-productions with his celebrity dad Dj Khaled. Just as “Simba” was revealed to the jungle lot by his father “Mufasa” in the animation movie “Lion King”, so also was Asahd revealed to the world. Little wonder why the Arabic meaning of his name is the animal “lion”, cool right…  Thanks to the snapchat app, we all were able to follow his pre, during, and post birth stories which his dad aired. Though still an infant, he’s also quite popular for his fashion style which is quite outstanding, also with an instagram handle managed by both parents which has about over a million followers.major key alert

Asahd seems to gain more and more popularity too, with the frequent visits he gets from Hollywood celebrities from far and wide. At the 2017 BET awards, when Dj Khaled was asked about his bundle of joy, he has this to say “I’m grateful for my biggest blessing,” DJ Khaled gushed as he kissed his kid. “Me and mommy love this boy.” (yes we know you do, and we love him too daddy) Meanwhile, little Asahd was focused on getting his hands on the mic.  He has made his dad become quite an addict, little wonder why he’s everyone’s favourite. Already nicknamed “Major Alert” by his dad, who knows, with his style presence and popularity, he might be one of the Hollywood greats in the nearest future. He’s one to keep an eye out for.

And just like Simba, He was born to rule.

major key alert

major key alertmajor key alert

Images: gettyimages, pinterest.com


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