Everything from the 2017 VMA’s


The MTV video music awards held last night, and was by far the most political one the world has seen yet.

From Kendrick Lamar’s literally flaming performance which had black male dancers climbing up a burning fence, while he performed a medley of songs all addressing racism and police brutality, to Katy Perry’s referencing of Hulu’s hit show ‘The Handmaids tale’; to Paris Jackson’s speech on ending hate and racism, to the Pinks epic outfit for her Vanguard award performance, which had the phrases ‘Wake the F_ up’ on one side and ‘fump Truck’ on the other and the crown of it all when Reverend Robert Lee IV, a descendant of Robert E. Lee of the statue that perhaps started it in charlottesville fame, invited the mother of Heather Heyer on stage.

This comes as no shocker with the recent events in Charlottesville, the presidents lack luster stand against racism and the more and more emboldened attacks by racists and white supremacists in America.

Even before the show the organizers hinted at the political tone of the event when they made the decision to end separating awards in gendered categories (Amen to that) and also invited transgender soldiers to the event.

All in all, the 2017 VMAs was definitely one to remember for the onstage activities rather than the shady… well scratch that, because Taylor Swifts video which premiered at the event had shade overload and proved that yes, Taylor still most definitely held a grudge; I personally loved the “Here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation” CGI at the beginning of the video. This isn’t surprising though as the past year has been rough for Taylor, with the mockery of her relationships, the Kanye drama and the most recent sexual harassment  lawsuit.

And no worries guys, we didn’t forget the red carpet or rather blue walkway looks, though this year’s looks wasn’t very impressive but there were still a number of good looks:



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