Exclusive: Chic Ama, Noble Igwe, Temi Otedola & Fashion’s Top Bloggers By Thisday Style


Being at the top of the pinnacle, as fashion’s top bloggers, in a very stylish and diversified country like ours (Nigeria), isn’t an easy thing. Getting to the top is one thing, but staying at the top is another. It’s one thing to know fashion etiquette’s, another to know the terminologies, still another to know combinations and labels/trends, and most importantly, write about it interestingly and invitingly, making people want to learn from you. These ladies and gents, have not only climbed to the top of the pinnacle, but over the years have remained there, and are relevant, in and out of season.

With huge followers on social media, it seems these cool guys have come to stay. And since seeing is believing, in no particular order, we present to you, fashion’s top bloggers by Thisday style magazine.

Chic Ama

Blog owner of “chicamastyle.com”, proud mother, and wife to a loving husband. Chichi who resides in Washington, USA, started blogging as a result of her social media followers, friends and family who saw how neatly and creatively she was able to combine styles, and recreate trends. She’s of the opinion that being “you don’t have to break the bank to look expensive and gorgeous”. She also has her private business as a personal stylist.

Noble Igwe

Popularly called “Nobs”, he is the founder and CEO of 360 group, of which the most popular is the site 360nobs.com. Nobs is a prime men’s fashion influencer based in Lagos, Nigeria, with an eye keen for fashion, he is also owner of the prime fashion site, yours truly “stylevitae.com”. Nobs is not just fashion savvy, but also can never be caught on the wrong side of fashion. Nobs doubles as a fashion consultant for companies, celebrities and individuals. Nobs is also a proud hubby to his beautiful wife Chioma, and this union is blessed with a charming young daughter. 


Ezinne Chinkata

Ezinne, is a fashion consultant and editor at zinkata.com. She’s also a fashion retailer, and has worked for top magazine brands such as; Genevieve Magazine, Wow Magazine etc. Ezinne is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and has gone on to style for personnel home and abroad.

Efe Tommy

Efe is a TV presenter, top entertainment reporter in Nigeria, and also fashion blogger at myfashionmylyfe.blogspot.com”. He’s also a fashion and style writer for Thisday Style. An amazing radio host, and an aspiring PR. Efe has gone on to establish himself in the fashion blogging industry. Efe is also based in Nigeria. 

Temi Otedola

Daughter of Nigerian billionaire, “Femi Otedola”. “jtofashion.com” is owned by Temi who resides in London, and who also is currently in the headlines with her celebrity boyfriend “Mr Eazi”. Launched in 2014, she has since gone on to establish her fashion brand, based on her travel experiences, most especially; Paris, New York, and Milan. She also runs a vlog, which is all about; fashion, beauty and travel. 

Steven Onoja

Born and raised in Nigeria, but now living at the heart of fashion in New York City, Steven is one person who loves the art in fashion and doesn’t fail to express his style and looks through it. Owner of “stevenonoja.com”. He a creative consultant, director and photographer with “Ostentation and Style”, also has gone on to work with top brands; Nike, Levi, Kato Brand etc.. and his involvement with “Ostentation and Style” has gone on to see features in sought after magazines and look books.


Stella-Uzo Adewunmi

Owner of the blog called “jadore-fashion.com”, having graduated from the university, he decided to start her blog as an avenue to share her love for fashion, styles, lifestyles and culture with the world. A happily married wife and proud mother, Uzo shares her journey of her travels and fashion, also noting her love for shoes too. Uzo lives in the US.

Aderinola Odugbesan

Derin, owner of the blog “derinfromisaleeko.com”, is someone who loves fashion, style and travel. Born and bred in “Isale Eko”, Lagos Nigeria, she shares her fusion of urban mix and the city, while playing colors. She’s also a PR person, an editor, and a contributor to yours truly “stylevitae.com”. 

Aderonke Enoabasi

Rhonkefella, is a professional makeup artist, and an award winning style influencer/blogger. She’s also the creative director of her brand Rhonkefella, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. As a style, beauty and fashion blogger, and despite coming into limelight in 2016, has remained relevant in the industry. she believes in staying true and authentic to herself, as she continuously reinvents herself.

Igee Okafor

Owner of the site “igeeokafor.com”, he is an editor and the founder of this lifestyle blog. Born in Lagos Nigeria, but currently residing in New York City, he combines the lifestyle and cultures to create a conversation bout Menswear and Culture on his blog. He also is a content creator for his blog, and has achieved successful collaborations with international brands. Igee also serves as a contributor to other established blogs, and has done interviews with elite fashion and lifestyle magazines.Do you agree with Thisday Style Magazine, that these are the coolest and highly rated Fashion bloggers in Nigeria or was anyone omitted? We can’t wait to get your feedback.

Images: thisdaystyle/instagram, pinterest.com


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