Facebeat For Less


Makeup lovers know how important it is to get that facebeat on a lock-down, but we also know that some of our fave brands are super expensive and the current exchange rates are not helping at all.

The SV team just found out about 3 amazing full face powders that retail for as low as N500 and thought to share!

Jordana Pressed Powder

Jordana Forever Flawless Pressed Powder

This comes in two types – Perfect Pressed and Forever Flawless Pressed Powder. The Forever Flawless Face Powder blends easily on your skin giving you the fresh and natural look while the Perfect Pressed evens out the skin tone and control shine all day. You should know that both products are medium coverage and they retail between N1900 and N2700.


Jose Face Powder

We aren’t sure why this isn’t as popular just yet but reviews have been crazy. The powder is radiant on face, oil free and available in different shades. Though it retails for N500 it’s end result is as competitive as any other popular brand.


Milani Mineral Compact Makeup

This is literally the best of both worlds; full coverage powder with a weightless feel and a flawless matte finish. Milani also has the Milani Pressed Powder which smooth, lightweight and provides matte, shine-free coverage. It also doubles up as a foundation. Both powders retail between N1800 and N3900.

If you’re having any problems getting any of these at your local beauty store, just check online and have them delivered to your door step!

Be sure to let us know what you think after using them!



Image credits – Jide of St.Ola, Jordana Cosmetics, milanicosmetics.com



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