Fenty at it again



What’s another name for an all round influencer? Ow, yeah ‘A Rihanna’, because that’s what she is ( in Maleekberry’s voice ‘aint no body badder’).

The talented songstress has designed and influenced just about everything, from shoes to clothes, perfumes and I could go on and on.

Rihanna or Riri nwannem nwanyi as I like to call her, took to her instagram page to announce the release of her makeup line, and with her impeccable makeup looks over the years, and of course because its Rihanna it’s probably going to be yet another hit.

Her recent met gala rosy cheeked look probably comes to mind at this time and her always glossed and perfect lippies.

Or her ombre red lips giving everyone wild thoughts, all in all I think it’s safe to say we are fully in the waiting game for this one!


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