First Date Dos – 5 Essentials For That First Date!


First dates, just like a first impression, can make or break a relationship. Typically, no matter how prepared you might think you are for a first date, they don’t always go as planned. I’m here to help you with a few basics to help make sure they don’t turn into a nightmare.

Whether you go to a restaurant or the movies (where most Nigerian first dates are known to take place) or you do something out-of-the box, ensure that you have and do these things:

  1. Do have Vex Money

Union Bank ATM

Ladies, if you don’t know why this is important then you’ve obviously been playing it fast and loose and most likely have stories to tell. Vex money is your back–up plan for if things go wrong and you need to make a graceful exit. It must be enough to cover your food and transport back home because a lot of things can go wrong and you wouldn’t want to spend the evening washing plates in a restaurant or begging for a lift home from Magodo. So, make sure that earlier in the day, you stop by an ATM to get some cash. Also make sure you take your card along with you on your date.


  1. Do carry breath mints or gum

Tic Tac Power Mint

Sometimes, you spend a lot of time waiting for the other party. Naturally, time spent with your mouth closed can make less than fresh breath kick in and you wouldn’t want to start a conversation with your mouth smelling like a cat died in your stomach. Gum or a breath mint not only keep your breath fresh, they also get rid of the lingering smell of food after lunch or dinner. Don’t let your bad breath be the topic of his/her BBM chat with the goons.


  1. Do smell good

L'Homme Ideal Cologne Guerlain for men

Nobody likes to be drowned in body odour on a first date. So, beyond your shower and deodorant, use a mini perfume/cologne of your choice for extra reassurance to keep you feeling confident for hours. It feels nice to hear “You smell nice” especially in public environments that can get overcrowded or stuffy.

BUT, please, please, please do not drench yourself in fragrance on a first (or any) date. Keep it subtle.


  1. Do pay compliments


Take a box of compliments (not an actual box!) to a first date and don’t be shy to give some to your date. However, compliment only when appropriate and keep it honest. A polite date is everything everyone hopes for at the very least, so if you want to win a heart be generous but not overbearing with the compliments.


  1. Do put your phone away


These days, people go on a date and end up spending more time with people on their phones than the person sitting right across from them. This is not good for a first date and is unlikely to guarantee another. Put your phone on silent and away, pay attention and concentrate on your date.

If you are still single and searching, it could be because you failed to do one or two things mentioned above.

So, be prepared and do take a good vibe to that first date!




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  1. Stating all the obvious, I was expecting 5 intellectual and well thought points not points that even a 15 year old knows

    • Please speak for yourself. You’d be surprised the amount of little things people don’t know. If you don’t find it useful, scroll pass it and leave it for those who do… 🙂


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