Fit-erview with Deola Aromiwura: Suguainn


While his name is Sunkanmi Olupitan Hassan, he’s known by most as Suguainn or Suko. Suko is a gym rat and not a fitness trainer so there’s literally no way I wouldn’t have interviewed him for this column.

He’s also one of the people that I knew before he started hitting the gym and I watched him transition from a super skinny guy to the buff dude he is now. It’s his consistency that made me get back to the gym if I’m being completely honest.


During this interview there were somethings I wanted to find out like what his fitness routine is and how he’s managed to find motivation to keep at this journey for so long.

According to Suko, he works out about 5-6times a week and he tries to hit every body part twice. His work out routine consists of;

  • chest and back on Monday
  • shoulders and legs on Tuesday
  • arms and abs on Wednesday
  • back and chest for Thursday
  • legs and shoulders on Friday
  • and arms and a little bit of everything on Saturday

Like most of us, eating right to him is more challenging and also a little bit pricy which sometimes doesn’t motivate people.

Considering the amount of time he spends in the gym it’s normal for me to wonder how he gets to balance work, the gym and going out but that’s nothing to worry about as he “makes sure I wake up early for work, get to the gym after work get at least 2hrs head home and I’m off to bed.”

Personally, there are days were it’s so hard to find motivation to workout but what keeps him motivated is his hunger for being the best or getting the best out of everything.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and learnt something new.

If there’s anyone you’ll personally like me to interview let me know in the comments.

Till my next post.

Stay Fabulous!



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