Fit-erview with Deola Aromiwura


So happy I’m finally doing this. I’ve had this in mind for a little while but life was constantly happening and I just couldn’t start up, thankfully that’s all old news now.

“Fit-erview with Deola Aromiwura” is a new column by yours truly where I interview people who are very active in their fitfam life. The objective of this column is to encourage, motivate, learn new things and just show you more than you see on Instagram about people’s journey and fitness lifestyle.

A little background story; I’ve always been very weight conscious and about 4 years ago, going to the gym and trying to eat right started becoming a significant part of my life. However, it hasn’t been the easiest for me as I still constantly crave (and eat) junk food and sometimes too lazy to drive my behind down to the gym. Even though I follow fit junkies on the gram, it’s different as they never really tell you their “struggles”. All I see are perfectly sculpted ass and abs, picture perfect healthy meals and going hard workout routines, which work sometimes, but I needed more.

It’s the “more” that has birthed this column.  I’ll be having written interviews with people I know go hard in and out of the gym and see tips we can learn and tricks we can use to make our journey to hotness a lot easier.

This column is for everybody literally, whether you are a fitfam junkie, an aspiring one, if you’re just here for the hotties, for the gist or because you love me and will read anything I write. This is probably a good time to shout out to you if you’re in the last category, you’re super awesome and thanks for supporting my ministry (lol).  

So make sure you follow the column, a new interview will be up every week.

Also be sure to comment and let me know if there’s anyone you like me to feature.


Stay Fabulous.




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