9 Things To Avoid If You Want Your Stomach To Comply In That Fitted Dress


I wrote earlier, about searching for who to make bridesmaids’ dresses for a friend’s wedding. Did I ever mention that I am the Maid of Honor for the wedding? Anyway, I eventually settled for my good old tailor in Benin. Now the problem is not whether she will deliver. Instead, I am more concerned about how my stomach will fare in the fitted dress!


This is one dilemma I’m sure brides, bridesmaids or any lady with the plan of wearing a fitted dress on their big day or to that event they intend to turn heads. How do you ladies do it?


God knows I cannot be ‘sucking belle’ for hours, so what to do? This made me go in search of answers on the internet and answers I got! Apart from exercising, there are things you should stay away from especially in the weeks leading to the big day, reason being that they cause bloating which is the abnormal swelling (in this case, of the abdomen/stomach) due to excess gas.

Fitted Dress Meme

Fortunately, we now know things that cause this abnormal gas levels and can eliminate them from our diet, either completely or till you have to rock that fitted dress.

Nine of them are:


Although beans is rich in protein, it contains a type of sugar that the body does not digest easily. On getting to the large intestine, this sugar is broken down by bacteria which unfortunately, produce gas.

Other protein-rich foods like fish and chicken can however keep gas levels down.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are common causes of bloating in many people. Stay away from these a week or two before the D day. Instead, small servings of Greek Yogurt should do.

Junk Food

Fitted Dress Junk Food

You probably saw this coming. Pizza, doughnuts and fatty foods in general slow down digestion rate and can leave you feeling tight around the waist. They can lead to a spike in blood sugar and eventually, a craving for sugar and reduced energy levels.

Fizzy Drinks

Put away any drink that has bubbles – soda, champagne, etc. Bubbles which cause the fizziness in drinks do the same thing to your body and leave you feeling bloated.

Salty Food

Sodium which is a major component of salt, causes your body to retain water, so avoid salt as much as possible in the days leading to the D-day.


Fitted Dress Cruciferous

If you are looking to have the perfect body in that dress, stay away from these. They contain a sugar that is broken down by bacteria which produce methane and methane can lead to a bloated stomach and eventually, a pouch.


Fitted Dress Alcohol

Alcohol contains sulphur-bearing gases, so cut out as much alcohol as possible before the big day.

Artificial Sweetener

Like many others already mentioned, artificial sweeteners contain sugar alcohol which is hard to digest except by gas-producing bacteria.

Chewing Gum

Fitted Dress Chewing Gum

Fresh breathe is important, but did you know that most gums contain bloat-inducing sugar alcohol? In addition, chewing gum makes you swallow (air) often, causing excess air to find its way down your stomach. Instead of chewing gum, go for mint like Freegel.

With only two Saturdays to my friend’s wedding, I am about to begin this journey to accomplishing my ‘pretty lady in a tight dress’ mission!

If you are of the opinion that this is too long a list of “goodies’ to cut out, then settle for peplum! Apart from covering your multitude of sins especially after you have had every meal on the menu, it also enhances one’s shape and creates an illusion for sore eyes. Win-win for you!

Fitted Dress Peplum

Note that in women, bloating can also occur during the menstrual cycle as a result of fluctuation of estrogen and progesterone. This causes fluid retention, swelling and eventually, bloating.





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