For The Men – How To Choose Your Cologne


For men cologne is very important. It’s as important as the shoes or the shirt that you wear. Not only does it make you smell good and even more attractive but it also reflects on you as a person.

Cologne is usually categorised into three groups which are green, citrus and spicy. Citrus includes scents like tangerine and lemon that  good for men who are going for the fresh out the shower smell. It also depends on what your wearing which is not to say you can’t wear it with what ever up you want, but it goes better with a casual look like jeans and old school sneakers.

The spicy look is for men who are easygoing and sporty mostly used by older men and the green is one of the sweeter smells. Green is good for more of a formal and expensive look.

Note that with all colognes, to know what it will really smell like on you, you have to wait for about 15 minutes after spraying it on. That smell usually lasts for about two to three hours then the scent that you are left with for the rest of the day is quite similar but a little different. When spraying cologne try not to rub it in because when you rub, it breaks up the top notes of the fragrance and causes it to not last as long as it should.

Of course I like scents from all three categories because I wear different ones for different occasions, but my favorite cologne is  Tom Ford Oud Wood (which my brother and I call Arab money). Oud is a scent that originates from the agarwood tree and is very popular in the Middle East. Arab Money falls in the category of the green for the rich, formal smell. I usually wear it for special occasions or just when ever I feel like catching the attention of the ladies.

Once you know how you want to smell you still have to remember that different things like the weather and your skin type can affect the way the cologne works for you.

My personal favourites –

In the green category – Tom Ford Oud Wood



The spicy category – Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce

The citrus –  Dior Homme Sport

dior homme sport cologne



Images –,





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