Getting Ready for The Wedding Party 2!


I was one of those who loved The Wedding Party. I’m not talking loved it as per saw it in the cinemas once and raved about it, I legit saw the movie 4 times and even for me that’s extreme because I hate repeating movies. I would have those random moments when I think about a scene and start smiling to myself.

When I heard, there was a sequel, of course I got excited and followed the casts’ journey to Dubai via Instagram stories. The excitement grew even more when I watched the trailer and saw all the drama that’s coming with it.

Cast of Wedding Party 2

Finally, the wait is over as The Wedding Party 2 will be premiered on December 10th. The excitement is also topped with the theme for the night; Arabian.

When I think Arabian outfits, the first things that come to mind are Jasmine and medieval outfits like what you see in Game of Thrones. I’ll be sharing details and inspiration for what you should expect and wear to the premiere of The Wedding Party 2. I’m excited, are you??!


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