“Why is it so dark in here I’m wondering, I look around the familiar confines of my living room and reach for the spot where the light switch should be, but it isn’t and in its place is a gaping hole. That’s really weird, because I could have sworn it was perfect in the morning, so I put my palm in to investigate and I kid you not a hand grabs me and pulls me in, I start to fall till everything blacks out and that’s the last thing I remembered when I woke up this morning in the hospital bed.”

“Wow, Hilds that’s quite a tale.”

“I know, it’s sounds crazy but that’s how I remember it.”

“I know Hilds, I know.”

“I’m not crazy, Morenike.”

“Haba Hilds, don’t you think I know that. Just rest for now, while I go meet the rest okay?”

“Okay, and Morenike?”


“Thanks for everything.”

“Common Hilds, you know we love you and would do anything for you, just rest now, alright?”


“Hey, is she alright, we got here as fast as we could.”

“The doctor says she’ll be alright, that there are no broken bones and no concussion, it was just the force of the fall and the blood she lost from where the broken glass cut her that makes her seem a little out of it.”

“Thank God, can we see her now?”

“No she is resting, right now, but the doctor says we could leave now and come pick her up tomorrow morning.”

“Ow, okay, and have you heard from the police on news about the robbers?”

“No, you know how Naija is now, they say they’re still investigating.”

“Okay, lets get going then and meet up here by 8, if that’s fine for everyone.”

“It’s been ten days since ‘the accident’ Morenike, I think I can manage to go to the office for a few hours, don’t you think, I feel useless at the moment.”

“Okay as long as its just for a few hours, besides I think you’ll need new air after being stuck at home for too long, anyways. And I’m so sorry I had to cancel on indoor movie night, but I’m sure I won’t be missed with kelz and Ure there.”

” Oh, they had to cancel too, Kelz finally got a date with Mr M and Ure has a family thing that just came up.”

“Oh no, now I really have to cancel on Ugo’ or he could even tag along.”

“No way I’m letting you torture your loving fiance who traveled all those miles to see you this weekend, through the Sex and City ordeal yet again, once was fine.”

“Okay, okay, promise to call if you need me?”

“I will, now go have fun and allow that man take advantage of you.”

“OMG, just shut up already, see ya.”

I sigh, “I guess it’s just me and you Carrie Bradshaw.”

I adjust my throw pillows, get the bowl of peanuts and Ice cream, my preferred movie snacks and settle to watch Carrie and her friends find love, style and sex.

I let out a tiny Yaay, when the doorbell rings, maybe things changed for Ure or kelz or better still maybe they want to surprise me even though I always catch them in it, they never learn, I grin to myself and head to open the door.

“Really guys, Isn’t this getting too….!”

“Hey, I got here as soon as I could, what’s going on?”

The doorbell rings, “hold that thought.”

“Hey Hilds, whatsup, are you okay? The last time i got a call like this there was an accident and..”

“I’m fine Kelz, where’s Ure?”

“I’m right here, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, just come in both of you.”

“Okay we are seated now what’s going on, why did you summon the cavalry?”

“Uhm, where do I start?”

“How about I go first.”

We all turn to look at the voice who just trudged in, but it’s really just a ghost.

Continued next Wednesday





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