Ghosts – The Blockbuster That is My Life!


“What the hell are you doing here, Hilds what is he doing here?”

“Calm down Morenike, just sit…”

” Hilds there’s a thief in your home and you want me to calm down, hell no. Kelz call the police.”

” Morenike for Christs sake, calm the f**k down, this …”

“OMG, he has you brain washed, what did it take this time…”

Oh Lord, what was I thinking inviting the gang here when everything is still fresh, this would spiral into a Bollywood movie very soon, or why not. I turn to face them and put my acting skills to the test full-time, I pitch my highest scream then complete the scene with an exaggerated slump;

“Hilds !!!”

Kelz, Ure and Emeka bellow and rush to help, oh yeah did I mention that Emeka paid me a surprise visit? Anyways they are at my side in seconds, all three except Morenike that bitch who knows me too well.

” Really Hilds, of all the dumb ideas in the book that’s the one you pull?”

“Do you blame me, I had to think on my feet.”

“Or off them you mean.”

I notice my head is resting nicely on a pristine white shirt that has a solid warm base that looks a lot like Emeka’s chest,

“You can let go now, I’m alright, just needed you guys to shut up for a bit.”

“Okay, we are quiet , can you now explain what the he** he’s doing here?”

“Would anyone like a drink?”

“Hilds!!!” they collectively scream.

“Alright, alright, at least let me get the drinks first, I know I need one to get through this ordeal.”

“Fine then, go get the drinks.”

“Thank you” I reply sweetly and head to the pantry.

By the time I’m out the gang is whispering furiously on one couch while Emeka watches unfazed from another, I wonder why though because if looks could kill, Morenike had already tied him to a horse, dragged him across the jagged streets of Agege, crucified him to a cross and slowly cut the family jewels while he watched in muted terror.

“Hey happy people..” I say but get no response, I place the drinks on the table and turn to the guys, “so who wants to go first” but Emeka is the one who replies;

“I will.”

They continue to glare, while he pours himself a drink and Morenike irritated says, “By all means take your time then, we’ve got all day”

“Morenike behave!” Kelz warns sternly, but looks expectantly at Emeka, we all do;

” My name is not Emeka, and I’m not really a driver”

“Well you don’t say, Hilds could have spared us this drama and I could have told y’all he is  thief for free.”

” Morenike!”

“Just saying, well go on.”

” My name is Jason and I work for the British Secret Service…”

“What Kind of joke is this, do we look stupid to you? Hilds can you please explain why we are still sitting here and listening to this thief who also thinks he’s Kevin Hart, instead of calling the police?”

“Morenike, I understand that you’re upset to see Emeka, Jason or whatever the hell his name is, especially since it was just days ago that I actually explained all that happened, but you need to listen to him first without interruption and ask whatever questions you have later, please, for me?”

“Fine, but this had better be the explanation of the century as so far it just sounds like gibberish.”

“Thank you, Go on Jason.”

“Like I said, my name is Jason and I work for the British secret service. I grew up here in Nigeria but moved to London when my family migrated.”

Morenike just stares and Kelz’s dramatic brows are raised at an angle that’s the highest I’ve seen them;

“I completed college and started working for a firm that provides intelligence services to any one who could afford us, usually secret organizations and rich ones at that as we were expensive, really expensive. At the time we got a project which I headed, to infiltrate an air tight data base and we did successfully, but we weren’t aware that the data base we were getting into was a high level government one which was supposed to be impregnable. The project was an attempt to see if the best hackers with the best equipment could get into the site which we did, so they hired me to fix the loop holes and the rest is history. A year ago I got assigned to a case that required my going undercover and coming to Nigeria, though I cannot tell you about the case as it is a matter of national security, I can assure you that I am telling the truth.”

“Hilds, this just sounds so incredibly made up.”

“He has evidence to prove it.”

“Oh yeah, what evidence?”

“Documented evidence of his birth certificate, passport, travel schedule, ID cards and all the works.”

” But Hilds anyone can make those, with money in the right palm, and how do you explain the money.”

” He needed it urgently for the case and the British authorities could not transfer that much cash without it being traced by the wrong hands, besides he has returned the money all of it.”

” Oh Hilds, he might just be plotting a new scam to get more, do not fall for this.”

” He isn’t”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I don’t know, I just am.”

“Hilds, you do not know men like this, you have been too sheltered and…”

“Oh shut up Morenike.”

Ure who has not said a word since finally speaks; “But Hilds she’s right, how can we be sure of anything right now.”

I stare at all of them, from Jason to Ure and try to find the words, Jason breaks the silence first,

“Hilds, Not trying to ruin your stance but how can you be so sure, I was surprised myself when you believed me yesterday even before I told you about the money, and there was something odd about how calm you were about everything.”

“Hilds, what aren’t you telling”

I clear my throat and finally find my voice,

” I’m sure because I know…”

“You know what?”

“I know about the case, or at least who you were investigating.”

“What !!!”

Continued next Wednesday




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