Coming full circle


Ghost /gǝƱst/ : An apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image e.g Kamsi said he saw a ghost under his bed when the lights went out.

Cc: A big fat mistake that comes to haunt you e.g

” Christ Morenike, it’s not that bad, why am I even friends with you if all you ever do is bring back unwanted ghosts every chance you get”.

” Nice try pulling the friendship card Hilds but this ghost of yours is hardly just any ghost this is the ‘Willy Willy’ of all your ghosts, besides its for your own good that I remind you of your dingy moments so you never fall back there”.

” Alright, alright, but the situation with James is hardly Like Emeka’s…”

“Oh really…”

” Girls, calm down.”

Kelz turns to me

” Hilds Why do I feel like you and Morenike know more about this than Ure and I, what aren’t you telling?”

” Its about time Hilds, its time you told them already so we can finally put this ‘ghost to rest’.”

They’re looking at me expectantly, Oh well!

” You guys know I had an affair with Emeka and ended it but you don’t know why.”

” See, he was a con, and it took his disappearing with my money to finally realize that”.

” Wait a sec, I thought you fired him because he asked you to, to prove to us that he wasn’t after your money and could make it on his own”.


” Well, I wasn’t entirely truthful with you about that, it was true that he stopped working for me but only after I’d invested 20 million in his huge business idea which at the time seemed like the next big thing, but it was as fake as my gateman’s ‘Guci’ belt”.

“oh Hilds, I’m so sorry.”

” Its fine…”

“No it isn’t and you should have told us”

“I know but I did tell Morenike.”

“Only because you had no choice since I already saw the bank statement, but it’s okay and maybe you can finally put this ghost to rest, perhaps a drop at Alara after lunch?”

” Yes to that, thanks guys, really. I’m not sure what I would do without you.”

” But I’m really offended you guys think I could actually get with James, have you seen the size of his stomach?”

We all laugh at this

” I know right, plus all that garlic he downs, I trusted Morenike to pick a good driver from the applicants and she sends me James, really!”

” Haa, you better thank me atleast you know you’ll always be safe, he’s so careful.”

” Yeah right, so careful he took a call from his wife, atleast he said it was his wife, on our ….. excuse me”

I turn to look at the waiter who has just brought us drinks

“Yes ma’m”

” We didn’t order drinks”

” Right ma’am, they are from a gentleman in the … Oh, I think he must have left as he was just sitting two tables behind a second ago”

” Sorry I can’t accept this, please return it”

” But Ma’m…”

” Hilds whats wrong with you, if you don’t want them leave them to us, I could always do with a second drink, besides shey the waiter said the man left already. No one would come and bombard you with the, baby can I have your digits?”

” Aright then” turning to the waiter, “thank you.”

” Just carrying out instructions ma’am.”

” Ehen, where was I”

“James’ wife”

” Yes, he picks a call from his wife while driving me, how careless is that.”

” Hian, I even thought it was better gist, everyone does that its nothing new or careless per say.”

” Guys its time to get some Celine”

” Alright, let’s get the tab and leave then”

I signal the waiter

“Yes ma’m”

“Can I have the cheque please?”

” Uhm, the gentleman took care of it.”

continued next wednesday



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