Ghost /gǝƱst/ : An apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image e.g Kamsi said he saw a ghost under his bed when the lights went out.

Cc: A big fat mistake that comes to haunt you 

“Excuse me?”

” Ma’m, I said the gentleman took care of it.”

” I heard you the first time, but what I am trying to take in is the fact that without asking us you decided on your own that someone else could buy us a meal.”

” Bu… but ma..”

“No buts, isn’t that what you did?”

“Hey, take it easy on the guy Hilds.”

“What do you mean by take it easy…”

“It isn’t his fault in any way, all he has to worry about is serve customers and get the money”, he turns to the waiter and tells him to go on.

” Kelz you don’t understand, this questionable stranger could be a serial killer or worse some reporter for one of these tabloids”.

” Really and how would that be a problem, we drank the killers poison already and no reporter whose job it is to follow people around could afford to pay for the drinks, except OMG they are working together of course!”

They all laugh

I’m not laughing, ” Haha, very funny.”

” Common Hilds loosen up, you used to be more fun, now you’re becoming an old grouch”

More laughter

I’m fuming, ” Kelz!”

” Cool it Hilds, you know he’s just messing with you.”

” Whatever, can we leave now?”

We stand and walk to get our cars

“So to Alara?”

“I don’t think I’m up for shopping anymore, I’ll see you guys on friday.”

“Common, are you mad because of Kelz?”

“No, you know my anger lasts for about 2 seconds, I just don’t feel up for it anymore.”

“Alright, you’ll regret it when you see my new Aaks”

” Girl, Bye!”

“Where are we going ma?”


“Yes, James?”

“Ma I asked where we are headed”

” Oww, Head Quarters please.”

” Ma is anything the matter?”

” No, why do you ask?”

“Nothing, you just seem a little occupied”

“Thank you James, it’s just work. Sorry I was a little hard on you earlier, you know I don’t like anything messing with my Balenciaga.”

“I know, its okay ma.”

I’m about to ask him if everything was okay with his wife, but I remember my no personal info rule and relax against the velvety soft goodness of my seat.

But I really can’t relax, I’m not sure why, but I know deep down that it has something to do with the whole waiter scene, I’ve not figured out what exactly but I can feel it in my gut.

I reach for the door handle to open it but James ever the gentleman, has got it;

“Thank you James, you can go now, but be sure to come early tomorrow morning.”

” Okay ma.”

He locks up the car, and leaves.

I love my Loboutins, but they really need to create mechanism that just let you float in them, as my heels are killing me. I reach for the door handle, then take off one heel then the other, and turn on the lights.

“Oh my God!”

Have I entered an alternate universe, one in which my pristine artsy living-room looks like someone took a bat to it?

As I wrap my head around this, I start to fall and the lights go out.

…continued next Wednesday







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