My Experience At Grill At The Pent Party & A Starter Pack For First Timers


It was my first time at much talked about biggest Lagos rooftop party, Grill At The Pent and I can just say I was in awe at how live the place was for a Sunday. 

I have heard so many things about the much talked about weekly  rooftop party at Cova, Mega Plaza but never got to attend because the thought of staying out so late on a Sunday just makes me feel like my week will just not start on a good note. After much persuasion, I decided to check it out and I was literally in awe for the entire two hours I spent there.


From what I gathered, the show does not really start pouring in  with people till late, so I got there for 10pm and as I stepped in, I was surprised it was not already filled to the brim. There were still empty seats reserved with names of attendees and even though a section of the rooftop was filled with people, it looked like a lot more were still going to show up.

Outdoor section filled
IMG_20160724_220258 (1)
Reserved seats awaiting the attendees

As expected I ran into a couple familiar faces and since I was there alone, I pitched tents with them as I observed my environment. It was amazing how it looks when you sit in such a bubbly space and just watch people display themselves and for the first time I was happy being the observer and just fiddling with my phone as I made mental notes.


I kept asking myself, Do people with 9-5 jobs attend this and if they do, how do they cope? How do they go to work the next day and function properly? At that point I looked at the time and it was almost 12 A.M and people had started trooping in filling up some of the empty reserved seats. I could not believe how much people were present to ‘turn up’ which just makes me love being in Lagos, we are literally the extreme people. We turn up to the fullest and work the hardest, which is something you cannot take from us.




As much as I wanted to be a part of the turn up team, I was getting sleepy and my body was shutting down, I decided to get a good glance of the place for at least the next 30 mins before calling it a night and at that point the fashion queens started to make their way in and that was when I knew people were not joking.

The different kind of style that started to make their way in kept me up a little bit as an array of options were present. From ladies in two piece African prints to ladies in full flared dresses paired with block sandals, ladies in flared pants, wrap skirts with asymmetrical hem, making me look like I just fell out of my bed (which was not far from the truth) among others were in attendance, not to mention the tons of women with the ‘no bra’ mantra (me inclusive).  It was indeed a sight to behold but at this point I was struggling with nature and I decided I had seen enough and needed to fall asleep if I wanted to make it in time for work the next day.



I was in awe at the number if people still trooping in at the 12.30 A.M I left and decided I would like to go another day to find out when people call it a night and maybe interview a few people.


However if you are a first timer like me, here are a few things you should know and prepare for, consider it your GATP starter pack;

  1. Go dressed for comfort but fashionable enough, you do not want to feel under dressed  or overdressed.
  2. Get ready to party, you do not want to go there and start feeling out of place,  trying to understand why it looks like you are at a club instead of a hangout spot. It is a party hard zone!
  3. Fill your self with enough food, it would help you gauge your drinks and if you have work the next day, try to keep your alcohol intake as minimal as possible.
  4. Make sure to go with friends, the more the merrier!






I look forward to the next time I head over there!






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