Hella Insecure!


So what do we do with our Sundays now? I just had to ask that out loud. Summer 2017 was a good time to be alive and dwell in TV land, we got to see incest flourish (Hi Jon and aunty Dany), we got to meet manicurists who syphoned money for drug lords, but my favorite part was learning the importance of not allowing nut get into your eyes (hey one eyed Issa!).

Issa Rae’s brilliant comedy Insecure premiered its second season two days to my birthday on July 23rd, dropping this hint for next year *wink wink*. With bolder storylines, believable character development and hilarious moments, Insecure became one of the most talked about shows of 2017.

Following the events of the first season, where Issa and Lawrence broke up leading to the intense online debate of #teamissa and the #lawrencehive. This season focused on the two exes as they navigated the murky baeless waters.

If there’s one thing that makes Insecure the hit that it is, it’s definitely the true to life scenarios the character’s experience. Be it the struggle to start and master a hoetation, realizing that no relationship is perfect (including our parents’) or receiving nudes that makes us crash our car (Never happened to me though!), each scene felt almost personal and each bad decision was cathartic to watch.

Last season started conversations on topics from cheating to whether “same sex” past experiences counted when it came to relationships, and the new season was more daring with questions on open marriages, not being appreciated at work, being the weekend chic, online dating and even the blinding realities of oral sex lol.
It’s easy to relate or see yourself in any of the brilliant characters Issa Rae has created.

You look at Issa who makes terrible life choices, Molly who just can’t seem to get her sh*t together when it comes to men and is struggling to get her dues in a male/white dominated work place or is it Woot Woot and his inability to accept his own share of blame, all the characters aren’t perfect but guess what? So are we. Other things that make Insecure the gem that it is, include its rich soundtrack which introduces us to either new artistes (Amir Obe, Leikli47, Bosco) or gives us new music from faves like Sza, Kelela and Jorja Smith. Big props also goes to the stunning cinematography and direction of the likes of Kevin Bray and the fearless Melina Matsoukas (Formation, We Found Love) who shoot a different L.A than what we’re used to from the likes 90210 or You’re the Worst.

The beauty about TV as I would always say is its ability to enable you feel less alone in the choices you make good or bad, when you don’t see yourself represented then dare I ask, what’s the point? Issa Rae and Larry Whitmore have created a show that not only brings on the laughs and celebrates friendships but also shows human beings at their worse, when they are insecure. Malibu, it’s going to be hard not having mirror rap Issa every Sunday, giving those skits that never lack the N word or having Kelli give us her nuggets of wisdom lol. So as we move into the fall season of TV with giants like Shonda Rhimes and Armando IIanucci returning, let’s hope to see more characters that reflect us and our imperfect nature. This also goes out to our ever growing Nollywood, we all don’t live in Lekki/Ikoyi or have British/American accents, so yes I’d like to see myself on local tv too, fully represented.


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