Hello Africa! Eunice Omole Takes Over Africa In Style


Africa’s premiere lifestyle and entertainment channel, EbonyLife TV keeps changing the face of entertainment on the continent and beyond, and their new show, Hello Africa reassures us of this.

Eunice Ebonylife

Although, we look forward to interviews with some of the continent’s most successful celebrities which the show promises, we are more excited about the host, Eunice Omole and everything she wears on the show, which is why henceforth, we will be bringing you details of her outfits from time to time.


Here’s a look at some of the outfits we have seen her in, on the show so far:

First, Eunice donned this gorgeous white floral dress by Dakar-born, New York based designer, Omar Salam, creative director of fashion and accessories brand, Sukeina for the premiere episode of the show.


Eunice Omole flanked by twin sisters , Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim of fashion brand, Mataano who were guests on the show’s first episode.

Next, we spotted her in a pretty plum 2-piece made up of the Cookie cardigan and crepe pants by same designer, Omar Salam.


Eunice with guest, Chid Liberty

I particularly love this outfit on Eunice; as a matter of fact, it has to be my favorite outfit of her on the show so far.

In case you missed have not been watching the show, see clips from the episodes that have already been aired below:

I definitely look forward to seeing what Eunice Omole wears throughout the rest of the show this season.





Photography: Remi Adetiba


Images: instagram.com/s.u.k.e.i.n.a.








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