Hiplet; a movement is born!


We may or may not have seen the Instagram video that went viral a few weeks ago, it had black ballerinas dancing to Ed-sheeran’s ‘shape of you’ and it was the most beautiful graceful yet slick movement I had ever seen.

When we hear ballet what comes to mind, probably a long limbed skinny girl dancing gracefully to classical music; well, the Chicago Multi-cultural dance center just changed the game people!







Hiplet is a fusion of ballet with Hip-Hop on pointe (wish you could hear my accent when I say that, lol), it’s basically a combo of classic graceful ballet dance movements with a layer of urban Hip-Hop moves. The Hiplet journey started with a ballet created in the early 90’s called ‘The Rap Ballet’ and was set to rap music where dancers performed ‘The Running Man’ and other dances on pointe (again I really wish you could hear me). In 2005 it became a trademark technique when one of the dancers was booked by a circus and the then artistic director Homer Hans Bryant started considering it as a viable technique.

Today with the help of everybody’s favourite plaything, social media, the Hiplet has gone viral and become a movement. After Buzzfeed made a short film showing the Hiplet story, the CMDC group has gone on to be featured on Good morning America and W Magazine, with over a billion views on you tube and calls to perform in every state. Infact I think the next step would be a movie about it, probably with Zendaya and Yarashahidi please.


The hiplet story is an incredibly beautiful one and the technique itself, oh bellisimo!


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