Hollywood Sweethearts Grace Vogue Magazine Cover: Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik


Ace singer Zayn Malik and runway maestro Gigi Hadid, Hollywood sweethearts were picked by Vogue magazine as the perfect cover for the August edition. the shoot focuses its theme around a new generation embracing fluidity. These two lovebirds just seem to keep making headlines effortlessly. Earlier this year, they were in the news during the Paris Fashion Week when Zayn surprised his model girlfriend by visiting her at her Paris hotel. During their interview then at Paris, the loverboy revealed their pet names to the world, were he gushed saying “I call her Gee, she calls me Zee”.gigi and hadid

The pair who would be celebrating their two-year anniversary later in the year, have also revealed to the world how inseparable they are, and attached to each other they’ve grown. These lovebirds are already living together in California, where Zayn’s house is. These two are also one of the most fashionable couples in Hollywood, as they keep stepping out in matching outfits, and dishing fashion statement after fashion statement. Little wonder why Vogue selected them to grace their August cover. The way these two gush all over each other is quite charming, and shows pure love. From runway shows, to award shows, to magazine covers, and public street sightings, we would love to share with you our favorite moments of the celebrity couple and Hollywood sweethearts.

gigi and hadidgigi and zayngigi and zayngigi and zayngigi and zayngigi and zayn

But we’ll all agree, they look great together.

Images: pinterest.com, Vogue


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