How To Achieve A Sleek Faux Low Bun On Short Natural Hair


The most annoying stage of natural hair has to be when it’s short. Not short as in the TWA (teeny weeny afro) stage, but short as in longer than TWA and shorter than can be easily manipulated into a bun at any time, especially if you love buns (both high and low) like Owgee.

Natural Hair Faux Low Bun

Thank God for Youtubers like Jennifer Olaleye who have found a way for naturalistas who are the awkward (read as short) length stage to rock buns, albeit faux. It’s okay to fake it till you make it, abi?

Earlier on, we put up a tutorial on how to achieve a faux top knot/ninja bun. Today’s focus will be on two techniques by two different Youtubers on achieving a faux low bun.

Technique 1

With a brush, edge control, ecostyler gel, rubber band and marley hair(kinky attachment), Jennifer Olaleye achieved this low bun!


Technique 2

For this technique by Chelsea of TappIntoBeauty, you would need setting lotion, a wide tooth comb, a brush, a sock bun and gorilla snort gel.

Hope it comes in handy sometime!




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