How To Know When She Is PMSing


Hey guys, this post is mainly for you….but ladies who have friends with weird mood swings can also learn a thing or two from this. I think it is rare to find a guy who understands a woman’s cycle so much he knows when she is PMSing…it is even hard for us to know until we find ourselves crying in the bathroom for no damn reason.

For those who don’t know “PMS” stands for PreMenstrual Syndrome not Premium Motor Spirit, as I am sure some of you are thinking.

I cannot be the only one who goes from “Hayyyy….I am one day late” to “Ugh….come and be going, I already know I’m not pregnant” in a split second. On behalf of all the women, I apologize in advance because sometimes, we will snap at you for no reason whatsoever, get the munchies or not be in the mood to speak with you. Bear with us….we don’t like the feeling either.

Just Forgive
Just Forgive

Here are signs to know that your babe is PMSing, and some damage control to fix up.

Sudden Mood Swing

PMS Mood swing

One minute, she is all happy and smiling and the next, she’s the female Godzilla. Mood swings are one of the early signs that the PMS is about to begin. Dun beg, dun cry….just accept your fate.

Damage Control : Wait….she will snap out of the mood in a couple of hours or, if she’s like me, a couple of minutes.

Weird Cravings

pms cravings

Right now is not the best time to bring up the fact that her clothes are too tight and the fact that she always complains that she is feeling bloated. She may also lose appetite totally and not eat anything for a couple of days.

Damage Control – Get the woman what she asked for asap!

Bring On The Tears

pms crying

This quote summarizes the topic. Girls cry a lot when they are PMSing….for reasons that they don’t even know. I don’t cry often, but whenever I do, I calculate the next days to my period and it is always spot on!

Damage Control – If you walk in on her crying and she is oblivious to your presence, run! Call her friends to come comfort her. If you were unlucky enough to be caught, then you become her carebear. Offer her some chocolate. She may start crying again right after she has eaten them though.

Lining The Panties

PMS Ovulation

Some ladies only use panty liners when they are ovulating. If you see wrappers in your bin, get ready. There is almost no ovulation without PMS.

Damage Control – Get some chocolate, handkerchiefs and a listening ear ready. The onslaught is about to begin.

Bigger Boobs

pms boobs

Most times, just before a lady starts her period, her boobs grow bigger. See…I know this is very sexy for you guys, but it could be uncomfortable for us. This is not an invitation to start pressing it like eba….sometimes, the big boobs come with a lot of pain.

Damage Control – Whatever you do, don’t press too hard.

The Breakout Onslaught

pms pimple

You may have noticed that once a month, her face looks like PimpleVille. This is also a PMS alert.

Damage Control – Get some tissue ready because she is going to cry about her face breaking out. Also, try to never point out that she is breaking out. Trust me, she knows.


pms tired

Another way to detect that she is PMSing is when she gets tired often. This is harder to detect because, it just might be stress or work but, when she is unusually tired…or she sleeps off in the middle of a conversation, or she complains about being tired more often than normal, she is PMSing. There is really no damage control for this but to let her be, and allow her rest.


Side Note: Our minds go in different directions when we are PMSing. We are almost always sure we are pregnant, even when we haven’t had some action in a while. We try to justify our behaviour, but indulge it. It’s only for a couple of days, and we are back to normal.

Ladies, are there any other PMS signs you think we should share?

Guys, you’re welcome.




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