How To Side Hustle Your Way Out Of The Recession


This recession is rude. Even those who think recession is a word will admit that it is a real word. It is the word that explains why Indomie noodles that previously cost 35 Naira per pack now costs 55 Naira, or why one puff puff which you could previously last 3 bites, is now the same size as a malnourished lime, better still 50 Kobo coin. Should we talk about how much weight Gala has lost in the past year? Even my dear Fayrouz has suddenly gone from Jamie Lannister to Tyrion Lannister.

The Naira has depreciated in value and so have salaries. Sadly, while the price of everything else is increasing, salaries are not, hence the need to have a side hustle to make extra money.

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Here are some side hustle ideas you might want to try.

Organize Tutorials

Beyond academics, parents also like their kids to learn how to play musical instrument. Organizing home lessons at your free time can earn you some extra Naira while also helping to hone your skills.


If stringing words together is your thing, then you should be making money off it! Platforms like Okadabooks where you can self publish your book or series at no cost are great for this.

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There is a class of people I must warn you against, the ones who want your services but claim that they are unable to pay you because they are a start up. Except you are looking to first build your brand, run! We are all starting up (off) life.


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Take up freelancing jobs along the lines of your full time job. Twitter is a good avenue to find such freelancing gigs.

Drive An Uber

Consider using your car for Uber services after work or during the weekends. I hear people are making off a decent amount from this.

Side Hustle Uber

If you like, you can find someone to do the driving for you.

Learn A Craft

Baking, sewing, jewelry making, makeup artistry, soap making, knitting, etc are great ways to make extra money.

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Apart from being able to make money from these, they can also save you some money. If I could make myself up and tie gele, it would save me the close to 5,000 Naira I spend (once in a long while) on getting owambe-ready.

Take Up Your Photography Skills

Don’t restrict your photography skills to Instagram when you can be making money off it. Invest in a good camera and start with small gatherings like office parties, bridal showers, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never heard that TY Bello, Kelechi Amadi or Obi Somto went to one Yankee school to study photography, yet you can imagine how much money they make from covering events.

Compere Occasions

Brethren, talk is no longer cheap. Put your eloquence to good use and something major might come out of it.

Cook For A Fee

Trust me, many people require this service, start with your bachelor colleagues. By the way, my friend, @ighosemo makes the meanest Black Soup in Lagos!

Make Small Chops & Cocktails/Smoothies

You already know small chops are the life of the party! Imagine how much money you could get from making them for small parties. Even the Chapman you learnt how to make in Food & Nutrition class will come in handy in this recession.


Apart from special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, quite a number of people have use for cakes, so it would make sense to put your baking skills to profitable use.

Be A Personal Shopper

Quite a number of people would rather bye-pass all the wahala that comes with going shopping, such as having to deal with Yaba boys. Why not be the short cut? For a fee of course!

Many more side hustles that are Nigeria-friendly exist, you just need to be determined to get your hustle on!

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Got more ideas? Share with us in the comments!


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  1. I totally enjoyed reading this article. i remember when I first relocated to a new environment and nobody wanted to hire me because I had no work experience, side hustling came to my rescue lol. I sat my sister down and made her hair, her friends liked it and I charged to make theirs and before I knew it I was making hair for people I didn’t even know and was earning more than some people with the kind of job I wanted with less stress and in my own time. Recession or no recession I think everyone should invest in themselves by acquiring one or two skills. It will come in handy. Weldone owgee!


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