Idle Talk


Idle Talk

Right after dinner, Muna drags Ana straight to their bedroom.

“uhm Muna. What’s this about”
“well you not done explaining the whole Richard business”

“ what else are you hoping to hear though. I already told you all there is to know. We had sex and that’s it”

“ughh. I need details Ana. How did it all happen? I thought he was seeing some other girl that led to the break up between the two of you”

“You this girl. You really like gist sha. Anyway, I’m not telling you anything”
“Really Ana? Are you really gonna do this right now?”

“Alright fine Amebo” Muna’s deep brown eyes glisten with excitement as Ana began telling her the story.

“So we bumped into each other at a client’s birthday party. We talked for a while and one thing led to another and we ended up in bed together. That’s it”

“Well so much for details” Muna says with disappointment smeared across her face.

“Ok, ok. For real this time. I noticed him first at the party. He was looking really good and you know his attractiveness was what drew me to him in the beginning. So I walked over to him and started to chat him up. We were playing catch up and all i didn’t even realize when or how I ended up downing one drink too many. He insisted he wasn’t going to let me drive myself home. He also didn’t want to order an Uber because according to him, it wasn’t going to be safe for me considering all the news about Taxify and Uber drivers harassing their female passengers. So he decided to take me home himself and come back later for his car”

“So he had sex with you while you were intoxicated. That’s rape”. Muna exclaimed with concern

“Can you just slow down and let me finish. No, we didn’t have sex till the next day. He spent the night at my apartment watching over me” Muna bursts into laughter and almost knocks over a glass of water placed on the bed side table
“What’s so funny now, Muna?”

“Everything is funny. Mama the mama” Muna says mockingly. “Of course you were not going to let a little hangover get in the way of you getting some” Muna continues.

“You are so annoying”

“But you love me like that regardless”

“Yeah! yeah! Yeah!”

“Are you sure it is nothing more than just sex”


“What do you mean by well”

“Ana don’t tell me you are planning on giving him another chance. Remember he foolishly cheated on you with his personal assistant. Come on girl you know better than that”

“Can you just relax. Why are you talking like I’m going to elope with him or something. We just have a thing going on that’s all.”

“First you said it was just sex now you are saying you have a thing going on. Which is it? Anyway sha that’s your business. Just be careful”

“Yes mummy, I will. I don’t know why you’re getting so worked up over nothing”

“Just trying to make sure you’re not making any dumb decisions. I remember clearly how much he hurt you and i don’t want to see you go through that again. I mean if I don’t watch your back who will” Ana rolls her eyes

“I promise it isn’t a big deal. Anyway when is Jide getting here with his people”

“Pretty early tomorrow morning. He wants us to go on a little road trip when he gets here, but I don’t think there will be time for that”

“That sounds like it could be fun. You need it though. Just go out and have a little fun with your man” Ana’s phone began to ring. It was her assistant, Mary

“Hello Mary, you can tell the driver to come with the dress as early as possible tomorrow… Alright thank you Mary”

“I honestly can’t wait to see the dress Ana”

“Girl I’m so proud of it you know. It’s honestly one of my best work. It’s just the right amount of Silk and tulle, a combo that is a bridal hell to the yeah, I keep on gushing over it but I’ll just wait for you to see it when it arrives tomorrow ” Muna begins to laugh.

“I trust you. Ana the fashion slayer. Look when the rest of the girls and Jide arrive, we’re all going on that little road trip together. How does that sound? I think Nelly is going to hate the idea of being in a car for hours which makes it sound like a great idea”

“You have got to stop picking on Nelly sha”

“It’s just jokes now, haba. Ever since she started dating that Olorogun’s son, she’s been acting like she’s too big for every and anything. Imagine her telling me to my face that my Asoebi is cheap. Meanwhile all I wanted was for it to be affordable to everyone ” Muna’s annoyance became more and more visible with each word she spoke

“ Ok I know Nelly can be a bit much sometimes but we both know she’s a sweet heart underneath it all”

“She’s quite extra and problematic now. I miss the old her though”

“Me too sometimes. But anyway, I really think you need to get some beauty sleep pronto. You’ve got a lot to do tomorrow and as your chief bridesmaid” she jokingly flips her hair “ I need to make sure you are well rested and adequately prepped for tomorrow’s activities.”

“ Yes mummy. You still haven’t told me what you have planned for the bachelorette party”

“ And I am still not going to tell you because it’s a surprise. Girl what part of surprise do you not understand”

“Ok o, sorry ma. Just don’t go overboard with it. Last thing I want is a bunch of male strippers in thongs dancing in my face”

“Now would that be such a bad thing?”

“Uhmmm yes! Jide would be furious if he finds out about it, and the last thing I need is marital problems at the beginning of my marriage, so just behave yourself and keep everything squeaky clean, ok?”

“Alright ma. Oya go to bed already. Goodnight”

“Haha. Goodnight Ana”


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  1. Hmmnnn.. love reading this but then the suspense, like you know just when to stop. chai! Btw, you didn’t mention any designer or fashion stylist in this episode, kilode? Thumbs up!


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