Illusions & Frontals -The Expansion of the Wig Train


It’s a known fact the fashion cultures of the last 10-20 years are back and better! They have evolved and it seems like they plan to stay longer than they did the last time they were around. (It’s only right that I address trends as human because they are a huge part of our lives). One of those trends is the wig. Yaass! Wigs!!

Wigs are ready-made weaves that enables you to wear and unwear at any time you wish. (I just had to chip in a little something as the definition.) Personally, I don’t wear wigs in fact I have never been a fan but right now, it seems like the best way forward.

Having to keep your weave on for a certain amount of time after it has been sewn on has always been the case but now it seems like such a hassle. The fact that I can wear and unwear and treat my natural hair while using it as a protective style is just phenomenal.

The only stable weather we have here in Nigeria is the sun. Dear! Dear!! Having your weave sewn on can be very discomforting so let’s just say the weather here is a wig enabler. A new feature from the wig trend is the illusive frontal and it’s ability to look almost natural is the feature that gets me the most.

Upon reading the Style Vitae army’s new year resolutions, one of the soldiers indicated her interest in investing in wigs for the new year. I think I’m totally with her on this one! Thankfully we have another SV soldier in the wig business for our tutorial. I mean we are investing! It’s only right that we get some coaching! Are you jumping on our wagon this year or have you been on the train ride for a while? Let us know!


  1. Loved the blonde wig! It looks so real, seems like the illusion frontal variants of wigs has gained itself another follower. I always wondered what it would actually feel like, to wear a wig I mean. That too during hot days. Looks like I am up for the game. Beguiled!


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