In my Fanny


Nigerians know that the one sure thing you need to do after your college graduation is prepare for National youth service corps a.k.a Service. Camp comes first, and while shopping for camp you need to get the all important fanny pack else…

I personally found the fanny pack annoying and rarely ever wore it, but I went online after camp and discovered that there’s a whole new art to wearing the fanny pack and I loved it.

The fanny pack is no new comer as long as fashion is concerned, if you’ll recall scenes from old 80’s movies you might have seen one or two persons in stone washed jeans, a white shirt probably a red bandana someplace and their ever present fanny pack.

With the back and forth game of fashion trends it appears the fanny pack is back. Bet you won’t think Iya Basira that sells small chops and keeps all her money in a fanny is not hip anymore.

There are a variety of ways to style it for both men and women, you could wear it slung high on one arm on your torso or simply backwards, on your waist or as a belt with mom jeans or a two piece, as a side arm, or as a colour popping contrast.

It seems to be a personal favorite of the Kardashian sisters and there are completely modern designs of the fanny pack to choose from though I think retro still looks the coolest.

The fact that they come with a hands free advantage doesn’t hurt either, so folks I’m digging up my discarded fanny right now and trying it out.


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