International Women’s Day With Intermix – A Truck Of Blooming Flowers!


The past week had two days celebrating women and empowering them and it was really cool to see women supporting each other particularly in a stylish way (my favourite thing ever!

That aside, because I never stop creeping on Instagram, I stumbled on a photo posted by NYC blogger Whitney Madueke (@whitneymadueke) and she was dressed in an all black ensemble but that isn’t the point. My point is the aesthetic of the photo as she was posed next to a vintage car all filled up with different kinds of flowers and I was like “wow that is super cool” and I continued to check out my other feed.

Moments later, I see another my favourite influencer of mine and she posed beside the same car in a more spring friendly outfit and I’m like “what is going on because that can’t be a coincidence!”

I did a little research and I discovered that Intermix, a retail company located in Soho, Manhattan that curates an irresistible wardrobe for the fashion obsessed set up the floral installation for the celebration of International Women’s Day and it was inspired by their spring 2018 look book.

Isn’t that like the best thing ever? Then I thought to myself “Can we have something like this here in Nigeria?” It is such an attraction for fashion enthusiasts and even people who don’t love fashion so much because the aesthetic itself is enough to capture anyone’s heart!

So dear Nigerian fashion brands, here is a great marketing strategy at your tip. All you have to do is restrategize but then there has to be some kind of coordination to it because we Nigerians won’t want to leave o!

Check some of the photos out!


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