It’s 70’s Denim & Big Hair For Malaika Firth In Vogue Russia


Kenyan born, British model, Malaika Firth, goes retro in the number one fashion fabric, Denim! From jackets to distressed pants to overalls, it is all about denim in the Vogue Russia editorial. 

Captured through the lens of Emma Tempest, Malaika wears denim with pieces in neutral colours like beige, tweed brown and maroon. Big hair and makeup in natural tones lend themselves to the 70s feel.


Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-01 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-02 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-03 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-04 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-05 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-07 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-08 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-09 - Copy

Malaika-Firth-Vogue-Russia-June-2015-Emma-Tempest-06 - Copy






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