J’law on Vogue’s 125th



J’law a.k.a Jennifer Lawrence or is it the other way around? Anyways, J’law is vogue’s September cover girl.

Looking absolutely beautiful as always in a long flowy red slip and her signature blonde hair, J’law is all shades dreamy on a ship, sorta like Rose of Titanic but with Lady Liberty watching.

Jennifer Lawrence, all round sweetheart who since appearing in ‘The Hunger Games’ and probably before then has stolen quite a number of hearts with her prowess both on and off screen. On this issue of Vogue’s 125th anniversary, she talks about new gigs mostly.

She dished on her upcoming roles and work with French photographer Currin and oh yeah, the disaster of her house getting flooded.

The upcoming movie Red Sparrow where she will be starring as a ballerina spy (can’t wait to see that), and the  recently finished ‘Mother ‘, her home and dear companion Pippa.

Can’t say I’m done with the article but the little I’ve seen does promise an awesome story.


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