Karo Ekewenu changing lives N1M at a time

Amb. Karo Ekewenu

Karo Ekewenu, ambassador to the United Nations Organization on Millennium Development Goals is also largely known as the pioneer of #AMBAKAROGIVEBACK on Instagram. The #AMBAKAROGIVEBACK is an initiative which gives N1 Million to start up owners who share their business plans. While, this initiative is in it’s 5th season on social media, Karo commenced the project 12 years ago and has given grants to 38 people till date.

Karo’s seeds of good deeds doesn’t end with the #AMBAKAROGIVEBACK as he’s constantly doing giveaways on his Instagram page either monetary gifts or some of his valuables.

Style Vitae decided to chat with some of the recipients of the #AMBAKAROGIVEBACK and here are some of the things they had to say.Kingsley Ikechukwu Ogboso (Actor and Dance Minister)

I heard about Ambassador Karo Ekewenu’s big giveaway from someone close to me and she asked that I go check this man out who was doing the kind of things I only dreamt of doing. One faithful day because I had my Instagram notifications turned on to his page, I noticed he was doing his usual giveaways, but this time he called it his “MAN CAVE”, which meant all his nice valuables was all for grabs.

I won a jacket, prayed on it and thanked the God of Amb. Karo for this gift. I went further to thank the Ambassador via a DM on his Instagram with a picture of me wearing the oversized jacket. To my greatest surprise the Ambassador responded saying “That’s really nice, but it must need some amendments I’m guessing?” and I replied “lol, yes sir it does, but it’s a mantle for blessings sir and amending it will only spoil it, I believe that anytime I wear it in prayers and call on the God of Amb. Karo Ekewenu, he will answer”

In less than 12 hours, I woke up, said my prayers and opened my phone, instead of his usual post, I saw a tag by the Ambassador on his wall to me. Days after I am still yet to come to terms with the fact that this great man, who doesn’t even know me from Adam, nor ever responded to my comments, chose me above thousand others. Amb. Karo Ekewenu decided to make me the first recipient of a yet to begin #ambastartupchallenge with 1 million naira cash, like child’s play I was a million naira richer.

I applied my winning to the Pocket Arena Pool Academy (PAPA), the first ever Indoor Billiards Sports Academy built for the promotion and enhancement of amateur cue sport play called pool/snooker in Nigeria. It’s a fresh start aimed at touching one life a day and that life touches all. A circle of progressives, discovering a new set of world class sports men and women, who will go a long way to inspire others to be greater than they can be.

I intend to reciprocate this act of Godliness by the people’s Angel and a man after God (Amb Karo), by showing same gesture and act of benevolence through all my projects with none left out. This in itself has redirected my focus as a person and with sober reflection there is more to life that meets the eyes.

Itohan Oghenekparobo (Economist and SME owner)

I saw the post on Amb. Karo’s Instagram Page. My entry story (business plan)was about adult education in Nigeria and my catchment area is ‘Sapele’, where I intend to  start a literacy centre.

The giveaway has made me more competitive and helped me see the need to invest in our educational system. I was able to put up a proper business plan in that regard as a result of Amb. Karo give back challenge.

With the money received from Amb Karo, I secured a duplex with enough space where I will use as the literacy center. The duplex is well located along Abeke RD Sapele, but the building requires renovation which was done to an extent. However, because I had to pay for two years rent 90% of the money was spent. I’m hoping to raise money to kick start since the rent is running.

I can’t stop spreading the gospel of Amb. Karo but in all it’s only God that can reward him for his good deeds! Only God can reward him for his philanthropism. I pray for God to bless him more and more.. He has been a helping hand to lots of people including myself. To  his prosperity there shall be no end… Upward and forward life for him.

Amb Karo isn’t only recognized and loved by youths, Chief Gabriel Ariomagwa describes him as a bridge-builder between the youths and the elders, a demystifier of all orthodoxies and an enhancer of youthful values.

According to Amb Karo “There are two ways of spreading light; be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”. So we are SV are saying to you today, spread the light that you have to the world, one way or the other.



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