Kate Middleton x Meghan Markle – The new People’s princess?


It was a tragic day as the world stood still on August 31st 1997 when one of the most famous women in the world, Princess Diana of Wales (popularly dubbed the “people’s princess”) passed away as a result of a tragic car accident in Paris, France.

Fast forward twenty years later, a lot of things have changed with the royals, and I’ll give you a quick recap (queue in “Previously on the royals” lol) Prince Charles eventually got with his alleged mistress of the time Lady Camille, we got to see Harry’s royal bum courtesy of some Vegas groupie, there happens to be a truly scandalous Emmy nominated show on Queen Elizabeth’s early years streaming on Netflix, Prince William had a fairytale wedding to Kate Middleton and Harry seems to be smitten with Suits star Meghan Markle.

Princess Di was a huge icon famous for a lot of things from her incredible sense of style, her selfless dedication to her charitable works and even her perfectly quaffed hair (Justin Bieber could never!). Her Manohlos are pretty hard to fill and luckily enough for us we have two stunning women bringing the royals into the modern age.

First up is Princess Kate who married the heir to the British throne, Prince William (real life fairytale y’all! #nofrogsin2017). Since marrying into the royal family in 2011, Princess Kate has become a household name and a huge fashion influencer with almost anything she wears getting sold out faster than you can say Kylie Jenner. Who can forget the iconic Alexander McQueen wedding dress, I mean even my grandma was shook, well anything with sleeves gave that woman joy. Her style although reminiscent of Princess Diana, has been conservative, yet sophisticated. Now a mother of two, and expecting a third no less, Kate has constantly served looks that at this point I don’t think anyone can question her reign as one of Britain’s best dressed.

Also a huge participant on the charity front, Kate has championed a lot of causes from provision of emotional and mental health support to children to active participation in supporting the armed forces, Kate is helping to make the world a better place.

Coming in second place, although technically not yet a princess (Ja Jehovah yes I’m prophesying) is the breathtakingly beautiful Meghan Markle. Born in Los Angeles, the 36 year old actress is the current squeeze and hopefully final bus stop of the ginger haired Prince Harry. Meghan is most known, that is until now, for her “hit” TV show Suits. With a relationship of just over a year, the couple don’t seem to be hitting the breaks soon he even brought her to Africa (why can’t they just specify, we are not a small hamlet *sigh*).

If there’s anyone who brings the royals into the modern age, it’s definitely Meghan. If Harry eventually pops the big question, she’d have a lot of firsts to her name. The first biracial American divorced actress to be a princess, now of that’s not breaking the mold I wonder what is. Meghan is not only stylish and beautiful, but she’s also really invested in charities close to her heart.

These two simple girls from regular homes are redefining what it means to be princesses or in Meghan’s case almost a princess. Stylish, sophisticated, beautiful and charitable, Meghan and Kate might not be able to replace Princess Diana but they’re sure as hell setting a path for themselves.


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