Woven Blends On – Keeping It Casual With Adekunle Gold


When asked about his style, Adekunle described it as “Afrocentric, Urban and Simple.”

Known first for his photoshop talents, Adekunle Gold is now one of Nigerias most sought after musicians. His vocals and African dress sense are unique to his personality. Not only does he have a good voice, he writes good songs.

No wonder he is one of my favourite people, as his artistic ways speak so much to me. In the past couple of months, I have gotten to know Adekunle better on a personal level and his persona is nothing short of what I expected.

While in Atlanta, we hung out a couple of times and I decided impromptu to shoot with him.



In a bid to match our outfits, we decided to keep our looks within the same colour scheme. I wore a pair of high waisted jeans, with this sweat-shirt like crop top, and some red addidas sneaks.

Adekunle wore blue patterned adire pants he made – with a white shirt to match my outfit and red sneakers too. I wore sunnies to match his look.

For a shoot that was unplanned, it went really well. For the first time, I was not shy to ask a stranger in the street to please take a picture for me.



Both our looks are super casual and can be worn just about anywhere. Although both are typically street looks, both outfits can be worn to hang out with friends or to run errands as they are super fashionable and comfortable. I definitely need me a pair of the female version of adire pants – because I believe in African fabrics and overall, I am a lover of prints.


This is my first feature on my blog and I hope to do more of these in future either on my own or with external help. I love how this post has something for both males and females – this makes it different from all my other blog posts.

What do you guys think about our looks? yay or nay? I think YAY!

As usual, thank you for reading. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram – @wovenblends






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