Kendall Jenner Rocks Short Hair For Fendi 2016 Fall/Winter Campaign


Kendall Jenner is one of the most hired models in 2016. She has been on several campaigns for big fashion houses and now she lands a major Fall/Winter 2016 campaign for Fendi.

In the campaign, the beauty poses in front of a white and blue icy wave backdrop for creative director Karl Lagerfeld, wearing pieces of art that were inspired by waves;  ruffles, prints and textured details.

She also showed off trendy handbags with 3D embellishments as she photographs in striped fur coats, ruffle tops, dresses, pleated metallic skirts and creative shoes.

For beauty, her hair was short and edgy, smokey eyeshadow and soft nude lipstick was used to create a fresh look. I really love this campaign images of Kendall.

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 01

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 2

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 3

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 4

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 5

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 6

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 7

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 8

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 9

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 10

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 11

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 12

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 13

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 14

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 15

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 16

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 17

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 18

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 19

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 20

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 21

Kendall-Jenner-Fendi-Fall-Winter-2016-Campaign 22





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