Kendall Jenner’s new side Hustle


A side hustle is no new term to Nigerians especially right now, everyone or almost everyone is branching out trying to earn more in order to perhaps better their present stations.

But if you think we run this exclusively, think again, as the Kardashian clan of hustlers are in it and they’re definitely winning it. From Kim to Kylie, the Kardashian sisters have so many hustles we can hardly keep track of them, today its clothing or make up and the next its Photography, Yhup you heard right.

Kardashian hustler number 5, Kendall Jenner has just branched out into photography and it’s not half bad considering she just started. Perhaps getting photographed a lot due to being one of the most sort after models in Urban fashion and being street style’s it-girl, influenced her interest in it, But there’s no denying that she’s got the hang of it.

Here are a couple of photographs by her:

So guys what do you think, new hobby or creative business Venture?


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