Kendrick Lamar Styled For The Interview Magazine


Rap genius, Kendrick Lamar was styled for The Interview Magazine, for an actual interview with David Chapelle. When we all hear about kendrick, the first line that comes to mind is …”be humble, sit down”… from his track “Fear”. At thirty years of age, he seems to have achieved and amassed a lot of accolades, fame, influence and also his flexibility with the use of intelligent lyrics which inspires a lot of people.Kendrick Lamar

It’s rather surprising how he has still been able to remain down to earth, humble and cheerful. The interview, was all about Kendrick Lamar’s life story, which also revolves around his 2017 album “DAMN” in details, how his rise to fame has affected or influenced his lifestyle, and other stories his style of music. Let’s check out his fashion style, with pictures taken for the interview.Kendrick LamarKendrick LamarKendrick LamarKendrick LamarKendrick Lamar

Images: kendricklamar/instagram,


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