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Most people won’t have killer abs like me because they are simply not interested.  Oh dear! Not you, you’ll have killer abs because you are reading this post.

For most people, abdominal muscles are the most difficult to build, some believe it is a gift from God. I don’t know about others but mine wasn’t a gift. It takes a simple strategy; it is even easier if you are already lean.

Here’s a two stage workout strategy you can do to get those sexy abs you’ve always wanted.

STAGE ONE: Burn the belly FAT

We all have sexy abs underneath our big tummy, they  are  just waiting for you to shed that fat so they can come to the surface and shine. Burning fat can be simple and inexpensive if you are truly interested in achieving the aesthetics you want, as  you can burn fat with little or no equipments and without having  to pay for a gym subscription.

If you are thick and beautiful; this stage is so expedient that you cannot achieve your goals if you skip it. Here are the best programmes to burn fat; these would burn fat from your face to your toes.  I know you don’t want to lose your hips and you won’t, In fact these programmes will help convert hip fat to muscles and will also help define them.

  • RUN: Don’t walk, don’t jog, Run! 30 minutes to 1 hour run will do your body so much good in loosing calories, burning fat and ensuring your abdominal muscles begin to surface. Spice up that run by going uphill which will convert your hip fat to hip muscles.  You can use a treadmill and set the program for inclined. If you are injured or obese, try walking to avoid compounding issues.

  • JUMP ROPE (Skipping): Don’t bore yourself with same routines every day, add skipping to your aerobic workout. Try a 30 to 45 minutes rope jumping program and burn more fat than you would from a one hour run. Hey! It will also help build your calves. People with knee or ankle injury should skip this program until they recover.

  • CYCLING: Going for an outdoor bike ride is usually fun but an indoor stationary bike with music buzzing can be even more effective in burning fat, ride before a mirror and watch yourself rock.Beyond just burning fat, a good cycling program set uphill or inclined will help build the frontal hips. You have nothing to lose here and this is recommended for the obese.

  • SWIM: Swimmers may not observe how much work they do in water, not until they are out of the pool and they feel exhausted. Ever met a regular swimmer who doesn’t use a gym as often as you do but seems to always be in shape? Take a chance this weekend, go for a one hour swim weekly and thank me later.

  • PLAY OUTDOOR GAMES: A basketball player has neatly defined triceps, biceps and shoulders. A footballer has well defined hips, calves and firm buttocks. If you have love for these athletic games, please spend more time having fun. You can also benefit from volley ball or long tennis and any game that would make you run, jump, kick or swing your arms.

Start your stage one programs today to burn the fat hiding your killer abs. You should workout  three to four days a week, either at mornings or evenings leaving a day in-between for rest. If you are thick, you should do these programs exclusively for three months before moving to the stage two program and if you are lean you should do this for about two weeks or a month.

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