Kylie Cosmetics: The journey to Billionaire-dom


Kylie Jenner is probably a name that needs no introductions, part of the Kardashian clan, reality Tv star, Curvy look-alike to sister Kim Kardashian, Tiger’s ex, the other part of the Kardashian/Jenner duo, social media expert and most Importantly Savvy business mogul.


Yhup, I think we can call her that now. At twenty Kylie has done more than well for herself, being the youngest person on the 2017 Forbes Celebrity 100 list which is no small feat at all; launching her own reality show which is expected to rein in even better ratings (it is of course Kylie Jenner, no youngster has a more dramatic life) Kylie is about to join the ranks of top beauty companies like Tom Ford, L’oreal, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown or any other top beauty business you could think of.

Kylie Cosmetics which launched in 2015 together with her app (which by the way reached no. 1 on i Tunes), has grown faster than any beauty business ever seen before. It took about 10 years or more for some of these business ventures (Tom Ford) to rake in half a billion dollars and Kylie cosmetics has raked in close to that amount in 2. Even L’Oreal’s Lancome took 80 years and Estee Lauder took 25 years to reach the highly coveted billion dollar status.

At the start of the venture, Kylie cosmetics raked in $420 million in sales during the first 18 months  and this year the business is reportedly expected to bring in a whooping $386 million or even higher, I mean we are still in August. At this rate  it is speculated that Kylie Cosmetics could be a billion dollar co-op in 2022 which is just 5 years away. Crazy, right?

I don’t know how she does it, could be her super Momager Kris who seems to have the Midas touch when handling her children’s businesses, or her popularity on social media with 96 million plus followers, who knows what her secret is. But there is certainly no doubt that Kylie Jenner is one Savvy business woman, and just might be on her way to becoming a Powerhouse.


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