The Lapel Project – A Stylish Initiative


Shark Tank is back guys!!!!!

I know I’m a bit too excited for a business show but don’t judge me. The show makes me feel smarter than I really am *wink wink*. I was watching the latest episode over the weekend, and the first people to enter into the Tank were two guys who have created this awesome invention that will make you love wearing suits.


For those of you who don’t know Shark Tank or did not read my FashionTap post,  I’m judging you , Shark Tank is a business show where inventors pitch their products to 5 investors, known as Sharks, for a percentage of their company. If the Sharks bite (pun intended), the inventor goes away with an investment of money and the Shark’s experience while the Shark takes a percentage of the company.

The Lapel Project is a style focused initiative that allows you to customize any suit jacket into a tuxedo in seconds so you don’t need to spend money buying (or even buying) tuxedos for those special events, and then never wear again.  With The Lapel Project, your suit is turned into a tuxedo in one swift move.



Guys, now you don’t have any reason not to show up for that event you are being invited to. You can even go from the office, all you need to do is wear new lapels *wink*.

Ladies are not left out as you can also customize your blazers and jackets in the exact same way. What’s more, you can use it for up to 10 times on different jackets and materials.

You can also customize the lapels to work with any theme or color scheme. Just go to their site and choose or create the design you want.



We are not the only ones who think the initiative is superb, the Sharks jumped on the idea and were all over themselves, trying to invest money in the project. The inventors finally picked billionaire, Mark Cuban to be their partner and I think that is a partnership made in heaven.








So guys, what do you think? Would you rock lapels from The Lapel Project or does it seem too disposable?  Let us know what you think.




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